Do you REALLY know what’s driving your anxieties and unwanted behaviours?

Most of our daily decisions are made below full conscious awareness. They are driven by our history, our beliefs, our values, our habits and external triggers.

…. and  we are all driven by our desire to have more of what we like and less of what of what we don’t like.
Simple as that – though we might not like to think of it quite so crudely.

But let’s not be too tough on ourselves – we’re all just fallible human beings. We try to do the right thing, and to be the decent person we want to be. But still, a lot of the time, we’re all of us pretty much operating on automatic pilot.  We don’t have nearly as much conscious control as we’d like to think.

That’s where Clinical Hypnosis comes in.
It brings your sub-conscious on board with your conscious goals.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

Carl Jung

My sessions last 1.5 hours – so we can get to the heart of what’s really going on.


First we talk. I’ll use coaching techniques to help you develop a calm awareness of what you want to change, what your priorities are, and any barriers to be overcome.  Together we clarify the key suggestions you want me to make to your sub-conscious mind.

Then you relax back into the big comfy chair and I help you into trance. This is easier than sounds. You simply close your eyes, focus your attention on my voice, and I guide you on as you steady your breathing, relax your muscles and slow down your thinking. It’s very pleasant. Some people go into deeper trances than others, but almost everyone can be helped – even in the lightest of trances.

Once you are relaxed, I can effectively by-pass your conscious mind and  begin to make change suggestions to your sub-conscious mind.  I do this through visualisations, story telling – and direct suggestions e.g. “You no longer have any desire to smoke.”

The session is recorded so that you can play it again at home to reinforce the suggestions.

Every change you make is one you have chosen




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