Do you need help to make a change?


Your sub-conscious mind is very powerful.
It lodges your habits, your memories and beliefs
– and they can all get in the way of change.

I combine Clinical Hypnotherapy with Mindfulness Coaching.
Helping you towards a new mindset.

Say goodbye to the old ways 

and make the changes YOU want to make. 


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Learn how to manage your mind…


…and be FREE at last.



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Manage your mind, manage your life

We all know how it feels when you know exactly what you want  – but you keep finding yourself dragged back into the old ways.

It’s as if there’s a lever in our brain that got stuck.

If only we could find a way to give that lever a final push.

That’s exactly how clinical hypnotherapy works. Quite simply, it gives you that final push.

I can help you with anything ‘mind over matter’



  • Lose weight / gain weight?
  • Quit smoking?
  • Eliminate fears/phobias?
  • Manage pain?
  • Manage negative emotions?
  • Reduce anxiety?
  • Lift depression?
  • Build confidence?
  • Hypnobirthing?
  • Stress management techniques?
  • Mindfulness techniques?

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